Expenditure Limits Setting

WebMoney Transfer has a function of operation by trust – when one participant entrusts the other participant to conduct certain transactions on its behalf (and from its wallet).

Many WebMoney services may be operated by trust:

Trust function is set through the service web-site WebMoney Security in respective section.


Besides, the trust function allows paying for goods and services with the code which is sent to mobile phone in SMS-message (or in USSD-request). It is very easy to make payments by this method. The buyer enters its mobile phone number or WMID or e-mail on the seller’s web-site. In reply the buyer receives SMS-message (or USSD request) for payment confirmation. The purchase is made immediately after the code is entered on the seller’s web-site.

The function of payment via SMS can be activated on the service web-site WebMoney Security, at “Limits of payments via SMS”.


Expenditure limits can be increased or reduced at any time.