Selection of control mode

The system provides several ways to manage the purses, you can choose the most convenient way, depending on your needs.

Basic version - Keeper Standard (Mini)

Once registered, the member has control of the purse using WebMoney Keeper Standard. Log in the purse is made on the website my.wmtransfer.com using login and password. The performed actions are confirmed by entering the code sent by sms (code comes in sms-message to the phone of the owner of the purse). This version combines the ease of use and high security.

WM Keeper Standard does not require any additional software and works in any browser. The main condition of work for this version is the availability of access to the Internet.

The main limitation of this version is the lack of opportunity to create multiple purses of the same type, i.e. it is possible to create only one purse for each type of title units. WM Keeper Standard allows convenient use of the applications that allow controlling the purses via mobile devices (smart phones and tablet PCs based on Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.) Most people use WebMoney Keeper Standard.

For advanced users

If you want to use the following additional features that WebMoney offers such as:

  • Use API for developers
  • Creation of multiple purses of the same type
  • Use C and D purses

You can change the method of controlling the WM-identifier - move to another type of WebMoney Keeper.

Keeper WinPro (Classic) is an application to manage purses and work with WebMoney.

Keeper WinPro is installed on computers running Windows: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Access of the purse is made using the private key that is stored in the file (the key file), or in a secure cloud service E-NUM.

This version is integrated with various system services, such as Business network, SMS-sender, WebMoney Escrow and other allows convenient to work with the data services directly in the application.

Keeper WebPro (Light) - a professional Web version of the software.

The software is intended for System members who want to use the entire functionality of the system, but are not able to install a PC version of Keeper WinPro. Work with this version is made via a browser that is installed on a PC or mobile device.

Login to Keeper WebPro is made using personal digital certificate, or the authorization service E-num, or using login and password .